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A Key to Meanings

When browsing profiles you will see a number of different icons displayed. This is a list of their meanings:

Home - The teacher travels to you.

Place of Business - You travel to the teacher.

Online - Nobody travels anywhere.

DBS - The DBS check shows if an individual has a criminal record.

Private Class - One on One class.

Group Class - More than one in a class.

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Important : When choosing a teacher you must always let somebody know when and where you are meeting the teacher. Never allow children to have lessons alone with a teacher even if the teacher is DBS checked. Follow these simple guidelines to protect yourselves and the teachers.

Top Reviews

I've had great fun having piano lessons from Sarah, she’s been a joy to work with and I highly recommend her!

Review for David L. by Jessica N. - 23/02/2017
Piano Lessons - Bournemouth

I was looking for a good French tutor for my 12 year old daughter for a long time. Nigel has done a great job teaching her French and...

Review for Nigel D. by Sarah A. - 23/02/2017
Violin Lessons - Bristol

Brilliant teacher - Exciting lessons - Highly Recommended! I'm looking forward to many more lessons!

Review for Jessica O. by Sherry T. - 22/02/2017
Jazz Voice Lessons - Aberdeen

My son has had many drum teachers over the last few years but Jason really has been able to peak his interest. We needed a teacher...

Review for Jason N. by John B. - 22/02/2017
Drum Lessons - Reading

It's great to take lessons from somebody that has as much passion for Spanish as I do! I'm learning all the time about the language and culture!

Review for Omar J. by Sharron T. - 21/02/2017
Blues Guitar Lessons - Hounslow

Student Recognition

Well done mastering stage 2 in your Piano! You're doing great! Keep up the good work and you'll pass stage 3 in no time at all!

Recognition for Jasmine D. by Andy P. - 23/02/2017
Piano Lessons - Darlington

Troy you did a great job in your German test at school this week! You’re doing a great job, keep up the hard work!

Recognition for Troy E. by Gavin F. - 22/02/2017
Singing Lessons - Basingstoke

Sarah, your Spanish is coming along really well! I’m sure that when you next travel Spain you’ll be able to hold full conversations!

Recognition for Sarah H. by Dominic H. - 22/02/2017
Guitar Lessons - Enfield

It was brilliant hearing you sing while playing the guitar in our last lesson. I'm positive you'll be able to push forwards with all the...

Recognition for Harry B. by Daniel H. - 21/02/2017
Guitar Lessons - Enfield

WELL DONE! AMAZING! SPEECHLESS! You completely owned your performance last night! Wow!!!

Recognition for Nicky T. by Mary I. - 21/02/2017
Violin Lessons - Bournemouth

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