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You’ve decided to learn Italian and you’ve probably searched for Italian Lessons Forest Hill or Italian courses Forest Hill. Before you start to learn to speak Italian you need to decide if you want an intensive Italian course to learn conversational Italian, or do you prefer relaxed lessons in the evening or on the weekend?

Firstly, refine your search by entering your exact post code and selecting Italian as your subject below.


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STARTS AT Group Classes £24.00 / Session Course £312.00 / Course
More and more secondary schools are allowing students to learn Italian as an extra GCSE qualification and I have expertise in the curriculum. 30% of English words are made up of Latin origin and Italian is the language that is the most close to the language of the Romans. ...
Lucia Brandi Student Place 2.4 Miles
STARTS AT Private Classes £24.00 / 60 Mins
I am an enthusiastic and devoted Foreign Language Teacher. I have been teaching Italian in London since 2010. I am well trained, confident and well-resourced. I am enjoying teaching as I have great opportunities to meet and interact with a wide range of people of all abilities, from all over the world, who have so much to teach me!! To be part of their learning expe ...
Carla Dessi Online Classes Online Your Place Your Place
STARTS AT Private Classes £30.00 / 60 Mins
This lessons are suitable if you wish to learn Italian for fun or simply because you like the country and its culture. I am a qualified Italian native speaker teacher with almost three years experience teaching my native language at all levels. I will help you achieve confidence in this language gradually by using games, videos and interesting activities, whatever you ...
Maria Fontana Online Classes Online Your Place Your Place
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About Forest Hill Italian Lessons

Are you interested to take Italian lessons in Forest Hill? Through our extensive directory, you can search for Italian teachers in Forest Hill offering private lessons to find the best one for you. Taking one-to-one Italian lessons is your first step to achieving fluency. It makes it easier to master pronunciation, as your progress is the sole focus of a teacher during lessons. Additionally, having someone to practice conversing with will help you become more confident with your Italian speaking skills. There are many benefits that you can take advantage of once you learn Italian. Career wise, if you have an interest in clothing design, you may be able to find a job with one of the many Italian fashion houses that do business internationally. Italy also boasts of several leading appliances, food, and wine producers that have large a presence in other countries as well. If you want to learn Italian through one-to-one Italian lessons in Forest Hill, contact a qualified Italian teacher through Classes A to Z!


Italian Language Trivia:

  • Italian is a major European language, being one of the official languages of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and one of the working languages of the Council of Europe. It is also the third most widely spoken first language in the European Union, with 65 million native speakers.
  • More than 80 million people in Italy and many other countries speak Italian.
  • Italian is a true Romance (language that is). Just like Spanish, French, and Portuguese, Italian is a child of Latin.
  • Of all the major Romance languages, Italian retains the closest resemblance to Latin in terms of vocabulary, while Sardinian (a dialect or a language in its own right) is closest in terms of phonology.
  • The Italian alphabet is only 21 letters. It uses the same Roman characters as the English language minus 5 of them. The letters j, k, w, x, and y simply do not exist in Italian, so if you happen to see them used in an Italian text, that means the word is borrowed from another language.
  • Italian is arguably, the easiest what-you-hear-is-what-you-write orthography based on the Roman alphabet. You'll be reading and writing in no time.

How to find the right Italian lessons near you


Finding the right Italian lessons for you couldn't be easier! All you need to do is enter the language you need private tuition for in the Type of Lesson search box, enter your Area or Postcode in the subsequent box, and click Search. For Italian lessons in Forest Hill enter Italian as the lesson type and Forest Hill or your postcode in the area section then click Search.

Tutors who offer Italian lessons in Forest Hill will appear, along with a brief description, the types of lessons they offer, and icons that show whether the tutor offers home tuition, online lessons, or teaches at their own home.

For more information on a particular teacher, click View Profile. This will show you the tutor's history, qualifications, and even feedback from their students. The purpose of this information is to ensure that they are the tutor you're looking for!

Online Italian Lessons Available

Using technology to your advantage is a great way to minimize time wasted on traveling and take advantage of the growing trend of online learning. You will still be learning from a live Italian tutor, but you'll be doing it via Skype!

All you need is a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a working camera, microphone, and speakers, and internet with minimum speed of 1Mbps for download and 0.5Mbps for upload. You will also need to be in a quiet room to ensure that you can have your Italian lessons online without any interruptions. Never again will you have to miss your Italian lessons even when you're on a holiday!

Tutors offering online Italian lessons will have the Online icon on their profile.

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