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Did you know that learning a new language can also give you a new perspective in life? That alone makes it a great idea to push through with taking Spanish lessons. The tutors you’ll find under Spanish Lessons Hythe offer a wide variety of private lessons and group classes to choose from, and if you’re eager to speak Spanish right away you can choose an intensive Spanish course. Hythe is also a good place to look for Spanish evening classes. Hythe language schools and private tutors provide different types of courses so you’re bound to find the right one for you. Send an enquiry today!


Daytime, Evening & Weekend Spanish Classes & Courses

STARTS AT Private Classes £20.00 / 60 Mins
I worked in Spain as a teacher for more than four years. I have experience in teaching students from Secondary to Adults. As my Degree is based on teaching English as a foreign language, I started teaching English to Spanish. The groups I was teaching were Adults (level 0), this is the one I enjoyed most as everything they learnt was thanks to me and it made me feel p ...
STARTS AT Private Classes £10.00 / 30 Mins Group Classes £15.00 / Session Course £300.00 / Course
I have years of experience as spanish teacher (tutor) in Spain, Portugal, and now in te UK. Beside, I have experience working in a Spanish Academy where I was a support teacher working in a variety of classrooms with different aged learners. I was responsible for delivering lessons to small groups across various learning topics. I am experienced in classroom managemen ...
STARTS AT Private Classes £25.00 / 60 Mins
I qualified as a teacher in 2003 and I have taught Spanish up to GCSE level to many students, including Grammar, writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking practice and past papers. ...
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Private Spanish Lessons Hythe

When you want to learn Spanish for a particular reason and you want to get straight to the most important parts of the learning process, you’ll find private Spanish lessons normally the fastest route. When you select a Spanish teacher or tutor at Classes A to Z, make sure you let them know in advance what your short, mid and long term goals are. Are you wanting to learn conversational Spanish or are you looking to get fully qualified in Spanish.


Spanish Courses Hythe

Spanish courses are a great way to learn Spanish because very often you will be in a classroom environment where you can interact with others. These adult Spanish classes are normally held in a structured manner where you can earn a certificate of accomplishment once you have completed the course. When choosing a Spanish course you’ll very often have the choice of an intensive Spanish course which gets you speaking Spanish fast or you could go for a less intensive course. Either way, most courses are effective for learning Spanish for beginners. One of the best things about group Spanish courses in Hythe is that they can be very social!


Weekend and Evening Spanish Classes Hythe

Your availability is key to be able to comfortably learn Spanish so we suggest only choosing a Spanish course or lessons where you know you will always be able to attend. Many people prefer taking weekend or evening classes but there are also many Spanish lessons available during the day too!


Why Classes A to Z?

When you’re looking for the right classes after searching for Spanish lessons Hythe at Classes A to Z, you’ll see that we encourage all our members to add clear descriptions and pricing to their classes. You’ll also be able to see feedback about their Spanish lessons!


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