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Beginner to Advanced Lessons – GCSE – A-Level – Grades 1-8 – Casual Learners

STARTS AT Private Classes £40.00 / 60 Mins
KeyLessons provides one-on-one musical tuition in the comfort of your home so lessons are convenient and comfortable for you. We have competitive rates and extraordinary teachers to make your learning fun, flexible and catered to your learning needs. All our teachers have DBS(CRB) checks regularly and are all registered with examination boards to enter you into exams ...
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About Twickenham Trumpet Lessons

According to William Christopher Handy, "Life is like a trumpet - if you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out of it." The best way to master playing this instrument is by putting in a lot of time and effort practicing, and by taking private trumpet lessons in Twickenham. An experienced teacher will be able to help you enhance your tone production, articulation, range, flexibility and endurance. Through trumpet lessons in Twickenham, you’ll learn to play simple notes and move on to performing full songs. Browse through teacher profiles on Classes A to Z and book your lessons today!


Trumpet Trivia

  • Though it appears much shorter, a trumpet contains roughly 6 1/2 feet of tubing.
  • In the medieval times, the trumpet was used a signal device as its strong, rich tone could be heard from far away.
  • The largest playable trumpet can only be played with the help of an air compressor. Created by Mr Benny J Mamot from Indonesia, the trumpet is 32m long and its bell is 5.2m in diameter.
  • The trumpet only has three valves, but is actually able to produce 45 distinct notes.

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