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About London Polish Lessons

Taking Polish lessons is an intriguing challenge, and the language’s richness and complexity are a joy to discover. If you gain some mastery over it, you will find learning Polish to be extremely rewarding. For one, taking one-to-one Polish lessons will help you immensely if you ever plan on relocating to Poland, where the cost of living is relatively inexpensive compared to other countries in Europe. The country also boasts of high standards of education and inexpensive private healthcare. Polish is similar to Czech, Slovakian, Russian, and Ukrainian, hence taking Polish lessons makes it easier to learn these languages. One-to-one classes are available for students of all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or have basic knowledge on Polish and would want to further improve your skills for business, vacation or education purposes. Contact one of the best private Polish teachers through Classes A to Z!


Polish Language Trivia:

  • The Polish alphabet has 32 letters and is based on the Latin alphabet.
  • Word order in a sentence is relatively free.
  • There are rather few vowels and comparatively many consonants, particularly affricates.
  • Polish has many loanwords from the Czech, French, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Latin, German and other languages.
  • The first book written in Polish was published in 1561. It was a translation of the Bible from Latin into Polish.

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