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Street Dance Classes

Learn to let go and express yourself through street dancing! Street dancing is a fun and friendly outlet for you to de-stress yourself with the hustle and bustle of your daily work and life routine. If you want to learn a variety of dance moves and dance to express yourself, taking street dance classes near you are perfect. Street dance classes for children and adults are both available. Browse for Street dance classes near you and grab the opportunity to learn in a positive and encouraging environment!


What is Street Dance?

Street dance is the umbrella term for dancing styles that were developed outside of a typical studio setting such as parks, raves, block parties, and streets. Popular styles include breaking, waving, popping, and locking. These different styles of street dancing evolved independently from each other. Modern street dance puts emphasis on freestyle and combining assorted styles. There’s always plenty of new skills and tricks to learn, and there’s always room for progress even when you’re a seasoned dancer. You’ll never get bored taking street dance classes!


Benefits of Street Dance Classes

Adults and children can benefit from learning to dance. The nature of street dancing makes it a great endurance workout for improved fitness by increasing the heart rate and oxygen intake. With street dance you learn to push yourself just a little further with each class. Repeating complex routines improves balance, coordination, and helps tone muscles. The music genres for street dance tend to be upbeat, thereby combining music therapy with exercise to help reduce anxiety and prevention. Taking street dance classes near you can also bring a variety of social benefits, meaning you always get to meet new friends and learn to interact with people from all walks of life.

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