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STARTS AT Private £10.00 / 30 Mins Private £ --.--- / Session Course £300.00 / Course
I have years of experience as spanish teacher (tutor) in Spain, Portugal, and now in te UK. Beside, I have experience working in a Spanish Academy where I was a support teacher working in a variety of classrooms with different aged learners. I was responsible for delivering lessons to small groups across various learning topics. I am experienced in classroom management, delivering training and promoting earning. I am a qualified teacher with QTS status in the UK. Main skills: Positive attitude, flexibility and determination. On a more personal level I have a proven record of good attendance, being punctual. My work always stands out as being innovative and attractive. I am an enthusiastic person. I will follow the best methodology to achieve the best results. This methodology will be applied according to the needs of the students. We will be guided by a textbook and numerous interactive activities, giving value to the use of new technologies.
STARTS AT Private £20.00 / 60 Mins Private £ --.--- / Session Private £ --.--- /Course
I worked in Spain as a teacher for more than four years. I have experience in teaching students from Secondary to Adults. As my Degree is based on teaching English as a foreign language, I started teaching English to Spanish. The groups I was teaching were Adults (level 0), this is the one I enjoyed most as everything they learnt was thanks to me and it made me feel proud of myself and of them as the same time. I have also studied a Master´s in teaching foreign languages so I was also teaching a group of foreign people who were willing to learn Spanish and I worked with them for 2 years, it is amazing to teach your own language and see how people enjoy it!

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